Can I submit incomplete manuscripts?

Unfortunately, we only consider complete manuscripts. However, if you would like some help or inspiration with your writing please have a look at our some of our Workshops

Can I send in a proposal for a book that is not yet written?

No, we cannot accept proposals, but if you’d like to discuss a proposal why not pop along to one of our Creative Network Opportunities and chat to us about it. A dose of inspiration is sometimes all you need to get you going with your manuscript. You never know where it might lead.

My novel has been self-published, can I submit?

Yes, we do accept self-published submissions, as long as you hold the publication rights.

Do you only accept submissions from the UK?

No, we accept manuscripts from authors all over the world, regardless of where the author lives – as long as the work is in the English language, we’re really experienced publishers but our foreign language skills are strictly limited to holiday level French and Italian

Can I send more than one work at a time?

No, we only accept one submission per author at a time. Sorry about that, but we want as many different voices as possible to have a go at submitting their work.

Do you accept submissions from literary agents?

Yes. Literary Agents can follow the same submission guidelines, clearly stating who they represent. We are a happy bunch and would love to work with happy literary agents


Do you accept hard copy submissions?

No, unfortunately our offices are very small and we don’t have room for too many hard copy submissions. All work needs to be sent electronically, through the prescribed routes.

How long will it take until I hear from you?

All manuscripts submitted according to the rules will receive an acknowledgement. We aim to respond to you within 3 months, however we have limited resources so please be understanding if we don’t get back to you within that time period.