Writing Workshops - Adults

Our background is in publishing, publishing education, and creative writing education. A big part of what we offer at Write Rammy is about helping you develop your writing and your writing career. If we accept you onto our publishing list then we will work with you to help you develop your manuscript editorially: we will spend time developing marketing plans that will give your book the best chance of success. However, there’s a lot you can do as an author – regardless of where you are on your writing journey – to improve your chances of publication, and equip yourself with knowledge and understanding of the publishing industry. Throughout the year we will offer events that will help guide you through the publishing maze.

As part of this year's Outwith Festival we've put together four great author events which are aimed at getting you writing, enhancing your work, and helping you achieve your publishing goals. Check out our Author School events at outwithfestival.co.uk. Be sure to like and follow us to receive the most up-to-date information on our workshops, events, and new publishing opportunities.